Conversation Starters for Introverts

Hello, my name is Faith and I’ve been managing depression and anxiety for as long as I can remember but I am not a mental health professional.

I suck at making small talk, I can go from friendly to really freaking awkward very quickly. It’s tough out here for us introverts but I’ve been trying to challenge myself to make small talk with a stranger every day. Lately, I’ve been trying to have conversations with people when I’m in the elevator at work. Here are some small talk conversation starters I’ve been trying out. Having a few things in mind that I can throw out helps keep me from getting awkward and weird.

Here are some openers you can use:
1) I like your bag, is it new?
2) That’s such a pretty dress, where did you get it?
3) You have great hair, who is your stylist?
4) Did you see the new episode of (tv show) last night?
5) I heard the new movie (movie name) is good, have you seen it?
6) Is that (whatever they are drinking or eating) good?
7) Do you work/live in the building?
8) How did you end up at (name of event)?
9) Is this your first time at (name of event)?
10) Did you see the (sports team) game last night?
11) How old is your son/daughter?
12) Are you getting away this summer?
13) Your dog is so cute, where did you get him?
14) Do you know if there’s anywhere good to eat in the area?
15) It’s supposed to be nice out this weekend, do you have any plans?
16) Do you know many people at this event?
17) The craziest things happened to me (short story)
18) Are you from here?
19) It looks like nice/rainy out, do you have any plans later?

I hope you find these conversations starters helpful.

Author: Dennis Hickey

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