25 Subtle Ways Your Body Is Saying, ‘Go to the Doctor!’

By Sarah Crow & Best Life

Slide 6 of 26: While an excellent addition on love songs, hoarseness of the voice can sometimes signal a cancerous growth on the vocal cords. The most common cancerous cause of a hoarse voice is laryngeal cancer, which, due to its noticeable effects, is often caught quite quickly. However, other forms of cancer, such as those above the vocal cords (supraglottis) or below them (subglottis), won’t begin to affect the voice until they have reached the later stages. Either way, if a hoarse voice or a change in voice doesn’t resolve itself in two weeks or so, it’s time to see a doctor.

“For some people, every bump, bruise, or cough means a panicked rush to the nearest urgent care. However, for an even larger portion of the adult population, those trips to visit a medical professional are few and far between. In fact, according to recent research from the Kaiser Family Foundation, just 62 percent of American adults actually get an annual physical, and Census data reveals that, among those who do visit the doctor, patients were averaging one less visit per year than they had in 2001.

So, when does a seemingly minor ailment become one that’s worth checking in with a medical professional about? “If you feel something is wrong, do not just wait until the year is up,” says Dr. David Greuner, MD, of NYC Surgical Associates. “Schedule an appointment for sooner to ensure an issue does not get out of hand.” With that in mind, we’ve rounded up 25 subtle signs you need to see a doctor before it’s too late”.

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