17 Ways You’re Accidentally Messing Up Your Nails

By Lindsay Schallon & Glamour


Is this You ?

Few things are more cathartic than painting your own nails—and more infuriating than to have them chip or smudge minutes later. It’s a tale as old as time: You spend an hour meticulously painting with the patience of Michaelangelo only to nick your nails while putting the bottle away. Or worse, they look perfect at first but somehow dry all warped and bubbly. (And don’t even get us started on glitter.) But the reality is that going to the nail salon isn’t always in the cards (it’s expensive, it’s raining, a Harry Potter marathon is on…), so we rinse and repeat the process again with the hope that things go more smoothly the next time. To help, we called on the pros to ask them what the most common at-home manicure mistakes are, along with their advice on how to keep your nail polish from chipping. Read up on their easy tips that’ll make your manicure last longer, then start planning what your next shade will be”.



Author: Dennis Hickey

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