The 3 Edgy Hair Trends Set To Be Everywhere In 2019

According to Pedestrian Magazine, here are  the three hair themes set to be everywhere in the year ahead.

1. Lilac Hair

Just recently we’ve witnessed a slew of A-listers dying their hair fairyfloss pink but, looking at the stats, this pastel purple hue is set to be the next colour du jour, with searches for “lilac hair” up a whopping 1,077%.

lilac hair

lilac hair

2. Baby Fringes
If you feel like you’ve been seeing super short fringes cropping up recently, you’re not alone. It seems that interest in the above-the-brow, “cropped bangs” is up 51% compared to this time last year.

Image result for fei fei sun bangs

short fringes

3. Grey Hair

Searches for “going grey” are up a notable 879%, appealing to a variety of people: those who are going grey naturally, and those who are taking the plunge and dying their hair the ashy hue:

going grey

So there you have it. The 3 trendiest hair colors for 2019.  Any takers ?

Author: Dennis Hickey

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