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Yeah, anyone can do this.    Not !

" Puedes hacernos pedidos" #81 En De Todo 10/05/17 #101 En De To… #detodo # De Todo # amreading # books # wattpad

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Looks like fun.  We gotta try…….Whoa !

A massive shark swam up behind a surfer in Cornwall. PIC: RACHEL HOSKEN/APEX 27/05/2016 Lifeguards at a beauty spot beach had a close encounter to remember on Friday with a 22 foot long giant shark. The monster fish dwarfed the pair as it investigated them when they were on their paddle boards at Porthcurno in Cornwall. It was part of a group of four basking sharks gently feeding on plankton just yards from shore. The lucky lifeguards were afforded a privileged view of the gentle giants swimming

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