Your Goals, Your Passions-Epilogue

We have come to the end of 5 segments on discovering you, you goals, your passions.

Now what ?  Now, you take whatever you have read, and can use, and start the journey.  Start today.  If you have done the reading, then there is no barrier to stop you. Just be patient and do one small step at a time.   “Small successes drives motivation.”  Let your small successes be your inspiration to continue your journey.

May your journey’s end  find you fulfilled.   Best of luck to you.

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who are prepared. I want to help you prepare by sharing what I have learned about life skills, and how I am still learning. Not knowing these skills can effect your personal growth. I hope you enjoy and learn from this information. Feel free to connect with me, to comment or e-mail your question and opinions. Sit back, relax and let the learning begin. Email:

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