10 Houseplants that clean indoor air

clean indoor air

  1. Plants: There are several great plants that can help your air to be cleaned of toxins.  One caveat to adding plants is that you have to be sure to control the water and not create a mold or mildew problem!  Also if you have children or pets, be sure to know what plants are poisonous before bringing them into your home.   Great air filtering plants include:

  • Orchids: may seem like a hard to plant to care for, but they actually thrive on neglect.  Don’t kill them with kindness (too much water and sunlight).  They filter: xylene , a pollutant found in many glues and paints.  Orchids respire and give off oxygen at night – so they’re great for the bedroom!  And they just look so good in decor which is win/win!

  • Palms:  hardy, exotic-looking, and easy to grow, palms filter formaldehyde, benzene and carbon monoxide

  • Philodendrons need very little attention. They filter xylene, a toxin found in glues and leathers. But, Philodendron, one of the most common house plants, is also one of the poisonous house plants. Eating philodendron usually may cause slight side effects such as a dermatitis reaction as well as the swelling of the digestive tract and mouth.  Philodendron has also more effects on  pets such as dogs and cats. They include pain, seizures, swelling and spasms.  Careful.

  • Aloe Vera – Aloe is mostly know for medical uses like relieving burns, but it’s also easy to keep alive, and sculptural-looking. Also, aloe filters formaldehyde!  However, the outer skin of this plant is slightly toxic. Likewise, it is extremely irritable to your skin along with your intestinal system. Even though this plant will not kill  animals,  it will make them become queasy a little bit.

If you don’t have kids or pets, no problem.  If you do, then take necessary precautions.

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