Things I Have Done


Things I Have Done

Learning Objective

To help students identify transferable skills

Materials Needed

Handouts: “Things I Have Done” and “Student Future Timeline”


influence, timeline, career


Thinking Skills: Reasoning; Creative thinking

Instructions for Conducting the Activity

Distribute the “Things I Have Done” handout. Review the checklist as a group, and then ask students to identify what things on the list they did in order to begin attending English or GED class. Using the handout as a guide, ask them to identify 4–5 “Things I Have Done” that relate to the new event.

Then return to the “Things I Have Done” handout and ask them to write on a post-it note a list of some of the skills they can use to reach their future “hopes, dreams, or plans.”

The students can complete the worksheet “Student Future Timeline” the following day to reinforce this lesson.

Extension Activity

Ask each student to choose one event to “tell a story” about the event each chose. The Telling student describes what the event was and what s/he did to make the event happen or as a result of the event. The Listening student writes down a list of steps taken by the student. Then together the two students review the steps written down and identify the skills used to do each step. The students can refer to the skills listed in the “Things I Have Done” handout.

The students then come back together as a large group. Ask each student to complete the “Future Timeline.” Then ask each student to name out loud one of his/her future employment goals/events. Finally, ask the student which skills identified in the pairs activity can be used to help accomplish the goal or get to the event.


Note: This module, as well as all the others, can be done alone. No need to be part of a classroom.


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