Conversation Fear-Getting Unstuck

I’m stuck in a place where I don’t want to be. So, I guess I might as well learn something.

EXCELLENT. Acceptance of your reality is a critical step to moving forward. Many people stay stuck in denial and want to fight or resist their reality, because it’s too horrible to face. It’s like banging their head against the wall. Once they accept the reality of the wall, they can stop banging their head against it, calm down, and look for a better way, like walking around it or climbing over it, or just leaning against it and basking in the sun, relaxing. Any experience, however negative, is an opportunity to learn a lesson. That’s the silver lining in the cloud. That’s making lemonade when life hands you lemons.
Useful knowledge is to be had in different places. Go towards unpleasant places and difficult and confusing things. Challenge yourself to say “Hello” to someone.

We must face fears and realities. We can’t challenge them and overcome them until we muster the courage to face them. We can’t even understand them until we face them. When we run from them they get exaggerated and Terrifying. When we face them they shrink or even vanish, and we gain useful knowledge.

Author: Dennis Hickey

There are no limits to success to those who never stop learning. Learning will nourish your personal growth. I hope you enjoy this website and visit often so you too keep learning and growing.

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